‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Jessica Returns to 2nd City Ink + Miss Kitty Isn’t Thrilled

Photo Credit: VH1

Miss Kitty made her debut to “Black Ink Crew Chicago” last season and it was eventful. She moved to Chicago after she clashed something serious with the New York crew. It all started after Sky claimed she read on a blog that Kitty hooked up with Ryan.

Kitty denied the accusations. However, Ceaser didn’t believe her. Tati made things even messier by telling Cease that Kitty confessed to the hookup during a private conversation. This led to Kitty and Tati coming to blows and Kitty falling out with Donna and Young Bae.

After Charmaine noticed all the drama Kitty was having in New York, she invited Kitty to come to Chicago. She needed help running her new tattoo shop, 2nd City Ink.

One person who wasn’t thrilled about Kitty’s new role at 2nd City Ink was Charmaine’s business partner Jessica. Charmaine hired Kitty without running things by Jessica first. So they clashed. Jessica would also clash with Kitty as well. So she decided to leave 2nd City Ink and go back home to London.

Interestingly enough, Jessica seemingly returns on the upcoming season. And when Kitty sees her, she doesn’t look thrilled about Jessica’s return.

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