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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Jessica Returns to 2nd City Ink + Miss Kitty Isn’t Thrilled

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Charmaine and Jessica clashed over Kitty.

On the previous season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Jessica clashed with Charmaine after she expressed her issues with Miss Kitty’s role at 2nd City Ink.

Jessica was Charmaine’s business partner and manager. However, when Kitty came on board, she decided to manage the shop. So Jessica was upset that Charmaine would hire Kitty without talking things over with her first.

When Jessica confronted Charmaine about this, she said, “My issue isn’t with Kitty. It’s more so with you cause I genuinely feel insulted. You just offered her a permanent position. She’s turned up here being a manager. That was my job.”

Charmaine was not feeling Jessica’s perspective. In fact, she believed Jessica wasn’t respecting the pecking order. So she decided Jessica needed to be reminded that Charmaine is the one who owns the shop.

In response, Charmaine said, “Look, Jess, I respect you. At the end of the day, this is my shop. My name is on the lease.”

She also told Jessica that she needed to get on board with any decision she makes as the shop owner. Hurt by this, Jessica decided to leave 2nd City Ink and head back to London.

Jessica returns.

As for Kitty, she had some complaints about Jessica as well. She didn’t like seeing Jessica get drunk and hang out with Ryan while the gang was in New Orleans to attend Charmaine’s mother’s funeral.

While talking about Jessica, Kitty told Charmaine, “Girl, Jess was over here putting t*tties on Ryan and you know she ain’t got no t*tties.”

She added, “It was a little too much fun. And that’s fine but as a grown woman, as a manager, you supposed to be able to reel that in. So I know as Brand Manager, I will come in and whip that into shape because I know how important your image is to the world.”

Well, Kitty and Jessica will come face to face again on the upcoming season. After Kitty tells the 2nd City Ink crew that she is “running this,” Jessica walks back into the shop ready to work. And of course, Kitty doesn’t look too happy to see her back.

Check out the preview below.


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