‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Charmaine Responds When a Viewer Tells Her to Fire Miss Kitty

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Charmaine struggled with her tattoo shop.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Charmaine was hurt after Ryan fired her from 9Mag. He made the choice to let Charmaine go after Van struggled to run the original shop. And he had been clashing with Charmaine plenty while they did work together. So the tension had already been there.

After being pushed out of 9Mag, Charmaine decided to start her own tattoo shop. So she opened 2nd City Ink. It hasn’t been smooth sailing either. She immediately had drama with her tattoo artists. In fact, two of them nearly came to blows after one of them caught feelings for one of Charmaine’s female artists.

The situation led to Charmaine having problems with the landlord of the building. And this is one of the reasons why Charmaine claims she wasn’t able to secure proper registration for the shop.

Charmaine hired Kitty to help with 2nd City Ink.

However, Charmaine was able to work things out. And Miss Kitty has been her right-hand woman. Although Charmaine’s business partner Jessica decided to leave once Kitty began to manage the shop. Charmaine was still grateful to have Kitty around.

On the midseason premiere, Charmaine did begin to have some concerns though. Kitty showed up late to the shop and Charmaine also didn’t like that the shop wasn’t clean.

So some fans of the show don’t understand why Kitty still has a job. They have made this clear on social media, too. On Instagram recently, one of the viewers told Charmaine that she should fire Kitty. And Charmaine responded.

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