‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Charmaine Responds When a Viewer Tells Her to Fire Miss Kitty

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Charmaine has been grateful for Kitty’s help.

When it comes to being a tattoo shop owner, “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Charmaine has already had her share of ups and downs. She’s already had drama with a few of her tattoo artists. So she called on Miss Kitty to come to help her after Kitty was fired from Black Ink.

Charmaine was also pregnant at the time and still grieving from her mother’s death. So she felt like having more help was crucial to the shop succeeding. And since she didn’t have much experience running a tattoo shop at the time, she knew she needed someone who understood the ins and outs. Kitty was that person as she has experience managing tattoo shops and she was the Brand Ambassador at Black Ink.

So far, Kitty has been pretty helpful to Charmaine. Unfortunately, this still didn’t prevent Kitty from clashing with Jessica, Charmaine’s former business partner.

A viewer told Charmaine to fire Kitty.

Jessica didn’t like that Charmaine hired Kitty without talking to her first. So Kitty had some tension with Jessica and Draya. Both have since left 2nd City Ink. However, it seems as if Jessica returns eventually.

In the meantime, some fans of the show want Kitty out. In particular, they feel as if Kitty clashing with some of the artists warrants her being fired from the shop. Recently, one of the viewers told Charmaine that she should fire Kitty. When Charmaine saw the comment, she responded. And she wrote, “I love Kitty so I would never.”

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