‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Simone Whitmore Calls out ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Lia Dias

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Jazmin’s husband has been a hot topic.

“Married to Medicine LA” has wrapped up another season. And while many have been talking about Dr. Imani Walker’s divorce from Phil Johnson, others have had plenty to say about Jazmin Johnson. She’s been getting criticism for her approach to a healthy lifestyle. But she’s also been getting called out for not having her husband on the show.

He wasn’t on the show when Jazmin was a friend to the show, and he’s still not around even though she’s been bumped up to a main cast member.

So the other women on the show confronted her about this. As for now, the only people who’ve met Dr. Gadson Johnson are Shanique Drummond and Dr. Robert Drummond.

Jazmin claimed that her husband has a hectic schedule. And when he does have time to relax and hang out, he prefers not to be around anyone outside of his wife and son.

But the other women outside of Shanique still think this is very off. They also thought it was very weird for Gadson to be a no show at Jazmin’s Christmas party.

Simone calls out Lia.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Simone thinks Lia Dias is being a bit hypocritical.

Amid Imani and Dr. Britten Cole’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Simone decided to tweet Andy Cohen. She wrote, “We have not seen Lia’s husband. So how can she complain about not seeing Jazmin’s husband? IJS.”

When Lia saw Simone’s tweet, she responded with, “2,173 miles between LA and ATL. Don’t worry about my husband from the other side of the country! Periodtttt.”

In response, Simone then wrote, “Every little bit counts!”

Check out the tweets below.

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