Tammy Rivera Responds After Someone Seemingly Shades Her for Staying with Waka Flocka

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People still have plenty of opinions about Tammy.

When it comes to Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka, people have a lot of opinions. This is due to the fact that they were open about Waka cheating on Tammy with multiple women. It was a devastating thing for Tammy to endure. But they stuck with each other and nowadays they are in a much better place. This has played out on their show, “What The Flocka.”

And people have had a lot of opinions about their marriage for years now.

In fact, Tammy has received a lot of criticism for choosing to work things out with Waka. Waka knows this and he said that it was embarrassing for Tammy to go through it in such a public way. Thanks to social media, it’s much easier for people to make their opinions known to public figures.

Tammy has no regrets about staying with Waka.

Even though Tammy and Waka are in a happy place in their marriage, there are still people who come for Tammy because she decided she didn’t want to get a divorce.

Recently, one of Tammy’s Instagram followers had something to say about Tammy’s choice to work things out.

And they said that a woman has to really be in love with a man to take him back after they cheated and disrespected her more than twice.

When Tammy spotted the comment, she wrote, “Yeah, you do…and guess what, I’m glad I did because baby you should see us now!”

Check out the screenshots below.

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