‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Rachel Gets Real About Ryan + Kitty & Jessica Keep Clashing

black ink crew chicago season 6 episode 15
Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

On the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Charmaine gets more nervous about giving birth as she gets closer to her due date. She goes to a moms support group, and she has plenty of questions to ask. But it would be the ladies at the meeting telling her how to get through giving birth without her mom that would be the best advice.

As Charmaine begins to make peace with the idea of giving birth, Miss Kitty and Jessica are still not trying to make peace back at 2nd City Ink. Jessica only adds to the tension by hiring her bestie Steven without talking to Kitty or Charmaine. But Jessica feels like this shouldn’t be an issue considering how Kitty was hired.

Don and Ashley’s separation gets very real. Ashley wants to move the kids to Texas. So Don goes to see an attorney.

And Rachel gets really honest about Ryan.

Here’s a recap for, “Other Side of the Pond.”

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