Dr. Imani Explains Why ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Can’t Be as Messy as ‘Married to Medicine’

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Jazmin and Imani had an eventful second season.

Married to Medicine LA” just wrapped up its second season. For a couple of the ladies, it wasn’t exactly an easy one. Dr. Imani Walker ended her marriage. She realized that she and Phil Johnson had grown apart over the years. That became impossible to ignore after Phil went to Oklahoma to open a weed dispensary.

Jazmin Johnson got a lot of backlash from fans of the show for once again not filming any scenes with her husband Dr. Gadson Johnson. Other castmembers gave Jazmin some heat for this, too. Regardless, Jazmin defended her right to not have her husband on the show.

Interestingly enough, the differences between the Atlanta show and the LA show have been a hot topic on social media. While there are fans who love the LA cast, some have complained that they don’t have as much drama as the original “Married to Medicine.”

Imani explains why the LA cast keeps calm.

While there have been feuds on both shows, the drama in Atlanta is easily on a different level. The first season even resulted in a physical altercation between Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq. Dr. Heavenly Kimes has said that she believes the fight put the Atlanta show on the map.

But viewers shouldn’t expect that kind of drama with the LA cast. Imani gave a reason for that as well during a recent interview with Funky Dineva.

When Dineva asked Imani if she worried that the show would affect her professionally, she said, “I did. I was really concerned because I’m a doctor and the other doctors who are on the show also feel the same way. The difference between the Atlanta doctors and the LA doctors is that from what I understand, the Atlanta doctors have their own private practices. Right? I don’t. So, I used to but that’s just not the model that works the best for me. I work for a hospital so I have to be a little bit more cognizant of how I react to things, what I say, would real Imani, like me right now do this? Or, no, Imani you cannot throw a glass at her, okay, just because you’re mad. You can’t throw that. Not that I would plus I’m on Prozac now and I’m a lot better.”

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