‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Responds to Jessica’s Friend Having a Crush on Her

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Kitty and Jessica continue to have tension.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Miss Kitty hasn’t been having an easy time at 2nd City Ink. After she was hired by Charmaine, she clashed with Jessica. Jessica was upset Kitty was hired without Charmaine talking to her first. Kitty had plans to manage the shop, and Jessica felt like Kitty was stepping on her toes. At the time, Jessica was still the managing partner. So things got messy pretty quickly. Of course, words were exchanged.

Jessica would eventually leave and go back to London.

But Charmaine began to feel like Kitty was slacking. In particular, she complained that the shop was getting cluttered. Plus, she wasn’t here for Kitty dancing in the shop on TikTok. So Charmaine reached back out to Jessica. And she asked Jessica to return to the shop.

Kitty isn’t interested in Steven.

Jessica had no problem doing this and she immediately clashed with Kitty upon her return. This is due to the fact that Jessica hired her friend Steven. She did so without talking to Kitty or Charmaine.

While Jessica expressed her frustrations about the situation, Steven revealed he had been checking out Kitty. Steven said he finds Kitty attractive. He also likes that she comes off as “bossy.” So he is thinking about asking her out on a date in the near future.

Jessica wasn’t thrilled about this and even gagged about it. Regardless, Steven didn’t seem to be bothered by Jessica’s lack of support.

Interestingly enough, Steven may not have a chance with Kitty. Kitty addressed this on social media.

After a Twitter user said they hope Kitty doesn’t develop a romance with Steven because it would be a bad look, Kitty responded.

She wrote, “Well thank you so much for your concern, but it’s not happening.”

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