‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Vado Attacks Tahiry Jose

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Tahiry hasn’t moved on from the past.

Marriage Boot Camp” stars Tahiry Jose and Vado continue to struggle. When they first came on the show, they revealed that they had been friends for many years. As of recently, they started to hook up. And their friends with benefits relationship has them thinking that they could be much more. However, there are obstacles in the way.

Vado doesn’t think Tahiry is over her past relationships. In fact, he said that she has given her heart to the wrong men in the past. This appears to be true seeing as Tahiry broke down recently about tough times with Joe Budden.

Tahiry recognized that the relationship was toxic. She also admitted that the situation with Joe made it hard for her to trust anyone else. She resents the fact that their relationship has made her such a tough woman. So she’s not sure she’s even open to love at this point.

Vado has his issues.

As for Vado, Tahiry doesn’t believe he’s done enough to prove himself. She wants him to put in the work and show her he’s serious.

However, he’s failing at that. On the recent episode, he even admitted that he’s still close to his baby momma. They talk often and they have a close relationship. So Tahiry feels as if Vado has been having an emotional affair.

With these revelations, it’s probably not surprising that they have a blowup on the upcoming episode. However, Vado takes things too far when he gets physical with Tahiry.

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