OWN Responds to Criticism of ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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Friendships and marriages were tested on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is easily one of the most controversial shows on OWN. The show features the lives and relationships of three black couples. During the first season, viewers were introduced to the group as they attempted to settle their differences with each other.

While working together and investing in real estate, they began to clash often. So their business, The Comeback Group, was put in jeopardy.

Trust was broken and friendships were tested. And they weren’t able to settle things during meetings.

The show became drama-filled.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the only source of problems the couples had. It was eventually revealed that Martell Holt cheated on Melody Holt. Things went left after this. And when the Holts saw that Marsau Scott was making jokes about Martell’s three-year affair, they were heated.

Martell got even by accusing Marsau of cheating on LaTisha Scott with 20 other women. Both Marsau and LaTisha would deny this, but Melody would not. So her friendship with LaTisha began to fall apart. In fact, LaTisha clapped back by accusing Martell of buying his mistress a matching BMW.

Martell and Melody denied this. So the couples have been exchanging jabs on social media.

Kimmi and Maurice Scott have tried to be the peacemakers, but they are now being pushed to pick sides.

So it’s probably not surprising that some viewers of the show aren’t happy with the direction it’s now going into. When one expressed how they felt on social media, someone from the network responded.

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