‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Kimmi Scott Claps Back at Ms. Wanda

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Wanda isn’t here for the Holts.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” hasn’t been lacking when it comes to drama on the current season. In fact, between the marriage problems of the Holts and their feud with the Scotts, it’s been a lot going on. However, Ms. Wanda has quickly become a star in her own right.

LaTisha Scott’s mother is never afraid to voice her opinions and concerns. Amid Melody and LaTisha’s fallout, Wanda is feeling some type of way about the Holts. So when LaTisha told Wanda that Melody had her kicked out of her beauty line launch event, Wanda was furious.

In response, she told LaTisha, “You should have slapped that b*tch. That’s what you should have did. You should have slapped her.”

Of course Melody was not here for Wanda’s comments. So she clapped back on Twitter. But Melody wasn’t the only person Wanda came for. Wanda also had some things to say about Kimmi Scott.

A feud between Kimmi and Wanda could be brewing.

When it comes to Kimmi, Wanda doesn’t think she’s all that loyal. And she believes Kimmi should be Team LaTisha as LaTisha and Melody’s friendship continues to unravel.

While discussing Kimmi to LaTisha, Wanda said, “Kimmi just seem like she…I guess she don’t want to be in no mess or whatever but it just seem like it’s just something ain’t right there. She’ll throw a rock and hide her hands.”

Wanda also said that Kitty is “kinda shady a little bit.”


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LaTisha disagreed but Wanda will make her annoyance with Kimmi known on the upcoming episode. And Kimmi will clap back, too.

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