RHOP Star Karen Huger Says Gizelle Bryant is Jealous of Monique Samuels

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Karen isn’t here for Gizelle.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger is not one to hold back from speaking her mind. When it comes to the current season, she’s already had plenty to say. She’s not here for Gizelle Bryant’s actions. In fact, recently she made some interesting comments. She said that Gizelle has been hard to film with lately. And it’s almost like Gizelle is battling some inner demons she doesn’t want to come clean about.

Karen also wondered if Gizelle’s business, Every Hue Beauty,” is doing okay. She even said that Gizelle’s been looking pretty bloated, somewhat identical to someone struggling with a drinking problem.

Now Karen has something to say about Gizelle’s ever-changing status with Monique.

Gizelle and Monique have clashed since the beginning.

Fans of the show know that Monique and Gizelle started off on rocky terms. In fact, when they first met, Monique said that she and Chris Samuels were looking for a home in Potomac. This led to Gizelle asking, “You don’t have a home?”

And Monique responded with, “I have four homes.”

Gizelle did not take too kindly to this. She would later accuse Monique of volunteering the information for no reason at all.

When she was in front of the rest of the group, Gizelle stated that the conversation went a very different way. She said, “I didn’t have a problem with it. It was just like the third thing that you said out your mouth. ‘Hi, my name is Monique and I have four houses.'”

In fact, Gizelle accused Monique of just bragging. However, Karen said that the issue was Gizelle wasn’t ready for Monique’s response to her attempt to be shady.

So the two women have had tension since Monique came on the show. Although there have been times when they seemed cordial, it would always go left later.

However, Gizelle was open to working on their relationship on the recent episode. They even planned a dinner for Ashley Darby together. When Karen learned of this, she said that she smelled a “skunk.”

Karen would later elaborate on this on social media. In the process, she accused Gizelle of being jealous of Monique.

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