Masika Kalysha Comes for Hazel-E’s Boo De’Von Waller

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Things have been messy between Hazel and Masika for years.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E have been feuding for years. But things would escalate more after Hazel wasn’t buying the fact that Fetty Wap is the father of Masika’s daughter. Fetty also questioned this at first, but he would eventually change his stance. Regardless, Masika never forgave Hazel for the jab.

In fact, this may be one of the reasons why their sitdown for “The Conversation” happened.

Things worsened between the two women while they filmed for Zeus Network.

Masika came wanting to receive an apology from Hazel. But things didn’t work out. And Hazel hopped on Instagram to tell her followers what went down between them. According to Hazel, things got really tense as they were talking. And at some point, Masika got so angry that she threw a glass at Hazel.

Hazel claims Masika then got her wig snatched off. And Masika then called the police and was receiving medical attention in an ambulance.

Now fans will get to see what led to the blowup themselves. In a preview for the show, both women talk about what they are hoping happens when they sit down and hash things out. But it’s clear from the very beginning that it’s too hard for them to pass up an opportunity to insult each other first.

And when Hazel seemingly shades Masika as a mother, it’s a wrap.

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