Domestic Violence Victims Call out Tahiry Jose + Some Viewers Are Boycotting ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

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Tahiry and Vado’s relationship went left.

Marriage Boot Camp” just wrapped up an eventful season. While there was plenty of drama from all of the couples, Tahiry and Vado’s situation is the most controversial. Both came on the show to see if their “situationship” could become a serious relationship. They had been friends for about ten years and becoming intimate made them want more. However, Tahiry became furious after she found out Vado is also close to his baby momma. And they talk a lot. In fact, he may actually confide in her more than Tahiry. So Tahiry accused Vado of having an emotional affair.

Things would really escalate when they participated in a shock therapy exercise.

Tahiry didn’t like that Vado shocked her multiple times. However, the couples were told to shock their partners when they did any of the toxic behaviors that they listed as issues in the relationship.

After the exercise ended, Tahiry threw two apples at Vado, hitting him in the face.

Vado was expelled from the house.

He was outraged and would later snatch her up after Tahiry told the others that he was making her seem aggressive to everyone else. To Vado, it seemed as if Tahiry was blaming him for her actions.

Regardless, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler felt it was Vado who needed to be held responsible. He was escorted out of the house and he had to complete the rest of the boot camp in a hotel. By the end of the season, Tahiry would keep the ring for herself instead of giving it to Vado. She spoke about self-love and she said Vado should have just thrown apples back at her if he was upset.

Interestingly enough, fans of the show have been vocal about their disgust with the situation. And some domestic violence victims also called out Tahiry and the show on social media.

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