Keyshia Cole Responds After Someone Says She Can’t Keep a Man

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Keyshia and Niko reportedly called it quits.

It’s been rumored for months now that Keyshia Cole is no longer in a serious relationship with Niko Khale. Fans began to speculate after they noticed that Niko and Keyshia no longer follow each other on Instagram. Plus, Keyshia also added to the suspicions after she posted and deleted an interesting quote on her Instagram Stories.

In the story, Keyshia restated one of SZA’s old tweets. The tweet said that it’s nothing worse than thinking you’re “vibing” with someone just to find out that you’re actually not. And you’re actually alone in your feelings.

Keyshia responds when someone says she can’t keep a man.

Hours ago, Keyshia took to Twitter to talk about what she likes in a man. And she admitted that she does have a type and she prefers “chocolate” men.

In the tweet, she wrote, “I love a chocolate ? summN ?  I’ve noticed ? ? ”

She added, “I also love a kind man. I’ve noticed ? ? ? ”

After these tweets, a Twitter user told Keyshia that she still doesn’t know how to keep a man.

In response to this, Keyshia wrote, “See that’s where y’all got me f*cked up at. A N*gga don’t know how to KEEP me…RESPECTFULLY sus ? ? ?? ”

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