LHHNY Star Joe Budden Accuses Raqi Thunda of Being Behind the Leaks + She Responds

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Joe and Tahiry made headlines days ago.

Love And Hip Hop New York” star Joe Budden has been a hot topic on social media. Not too long ago, his ex Tahiry Jose had some controversial things to say about him. In an interview, she claimed that Joe was allegedly abusive towards her while they were in a relationship. In fact, she said the relationship left her with a broken rib and a broken nose.

Joe would later push back at this, and he said that Tahiry was the one who was abusive towards him. And it was actually another man who broke her nose. He also said that they were both toxic to each other while they were in a relationship. But it’s weird to see Tahiry say all these things now considering she’s been in touch with him to do other reality shows together, like “Marriage Boot Camp.” However, Joe has turned down her offer and she made the accusations after he aired out Spotify for behind the scenes issues that led to him refusing to renew his contract for the “Joe Budden Podcast.”

Interestingly enough, Joe found himself involved in yet another scandal hours ago.

An old phone conversation between him and Cyn Santana leaked and went viral on social media.

Leaks have put Joe right back in the spotlight.

During the nearly 20 minute audio, Joe and Cyn argued about custody of their son as well as future child support arrangements.

At one point in the conversation, Joe told Cyn that he didn’t want to handle matters over the phone. And it should be discussed in person.

In response to this, Cyn said, “Oh, you mean in person so you can chase me, again and drag me? I’m good.”

Joe then said, “I dragged you? I laid a hand on you and dragged you where? Where did I drag you, Cyn?”

And she responded with, “You must have been drunk still, right?”

You can listen to the audio here.

Hours later, documents of what looked like papers that would be used in court were also leaked. And what was alleged was insane, including an accusation made by Cyn stating that Joe likes to pleasure his own dog with his hands.

You can view them here.

Well, Cyn and Joe have both addressed this. And Joe even accused Raqi Thunda of being behind the leaks.

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