‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Jojo Simmons Responds After Someone Comes for His Wife

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Jojo clashed with the Millers and Twist on the recent season of GUHH.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Jojo Simmons had an eventful recent season. He ended up having tension with Romeo Miller and Master P after Romeo fell out with Angela Simmons. Jojo’s whole perspective was he couldn’t understand why Romeo wouldn’t tell Angela his feelings. Instead, he chose to open up to Vanessa Simmons instead. Doing so caused things to only go left, and Jojo was heated. But when he attempted to emote how he felt about the situation, it irritated Master P and he accused Jojo of playing tough on television. So it’s safe to say that Jojo may never really repair his relationship with the Millers, especially since they have since left the show.

Jojo also had some issues with Lil Twist. After a misunderstanding, Twist assaulted Jojo. However, they have since worked out their issues. And they are back on good terms like before.

Jojo and Tanice had some obstacles before they got married.

Fans of GUHH also know that Jojo even had a disagreement with his now-wife Tanice Simmons. She felt like he was spending too much time in the recording studio. However, Jojo said he was working hard to take care of her and their daughter.

At first, Tanice wasn’t trying to hear this. And she thought about pushing their wedding day back. However, the couple prevailed and they made it official, tying the knot on the show.

So Jojo was not having it when someone tried to come for Tanice on social media.

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