LHHATL Star Mimi Faust Shades K. Michelle for Needing Reversal Surgery

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Rasheeda and Mimi reacted to the scene of Rasheeda and K. Michelle nearly coming to blows.

Over the years, there have been a lot of memorable moments on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” And K. Michelle has her share. As of late, VH1 has been having the “Love And Hip Hop” stars give commentary on past controversial scenes they were a part of.

And recently, Rasheeda and Mimi Faust gave their thoughts on that heated scene between K. Michelle and Rasheeda.

Seasons ago, the two women came face to face after a social media beef at Mimi’s housewarming party. Of course, things went left pretty swiftly.

Mimi comes for K. Michelle.

During their argument, Rasheeda took a shot at K. Michelle’s derriere. In the past, K. Michelle has opened up about getting work done to it. So Rasheeda used this information to drag K. Michelle. In the notable scene, Rasheeda said, “Just be worried about when your a*s gon hit the floor and that fake sh*t. When that motherf*cker drop and your a*s in the hospital some f*cking where. Okay?”

In response to this, Mimi didn’t hold back with her commentary. And she brought up the fact that K. Michelle had to get the procedure reversed due to health issues.

So Mimi said, “And that’s why she got her whole a*s taken out now. Rasheeda, you was right the entire time.”

As for Rasheeda, she’s trying to be more peaceful these days. So when that part came up, she said, “Let me shut up.”

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