‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Van Gets Married

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Van and Jenn have been through a lot.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Van didn’t just have drama with Ryan, he also had lots of drama in his love life. And this played out on the show when he wasn’t caught up in problems at 9Mag. In fact, fans of the show know that Van had a longterm relationship with Jenn. And the relationship had a lot of issues.

Jenn has accused Van of being unfaithful. There was even the situation that involved Van getting a little too close to his former assistant Evenita.

It came out that Van was messing around with Evenita behind Jenn’s back. When she found out, she was furious. And she wanted Van to prove his loyalty to her by agreeing to a quickie wedding. However, Van couldn’t go through with it. This disappointed Jenn but Van hoped he could make things right by firing Evenita.

Van made an announcement.

Evenita would later return and accuse Van and Charmaine of sleeping together. This became a huge issue for Charmaine and caused her to fall out with all of the men except Ryan.

As for Van and Jenn, they continued to be on and off. So when Van returned to the show after the end of Loyal Ink, he was still dealing with Jenn.

Interestingly enough, Van recently told his social media followers that he’s now officially off the market.

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