Niko Khale Responds After Someone Tells Him to Get Back Together with Keyshia Cole

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Keyshia’s past obstacles with relationships have been covered in the media.

When it comes to Keyshia Cole, her love life has been well documented in the media. After she ended things with Daniel Booby Gibson, she would later date Birdman. That ended after Keyshia was arrested for assaulting a woman at Birdman’s house. This is a situation that Keyshia would later regret. But she learned from it and found love with Niko Khale.

Although Keyshia found happiness with Niko, some of her fans were critical of the age difference between Keyshia and Niko. They are about 14 years apart.

But Keyshia didn’t think this was an issue. And she would defend their age difference on social media. To her, it wasn’t about age. It was about how they treated each other. During this time, Keyshia said that Niko loved her the way she needed to be loved. So she couldn’t understand why some of her fans were so caught up on Niko’s age.

She also thought it was a good move for fans to see the relationship play out on her BET show, “Keyshia Cole: My New Life.”

Interestingly enough, the couple called it quits months ago.

Niko speaks on the breakup.

Recently, Niko addressed the breakup on social media. He did this after an Instagram user told Niko that he and Keyshia need to fix things. And they don’t like the fact that Keyshia and Niko are acting like they don’t still love each other.

In response to this, Niko wrote, “My heart is broken. My mind is open. My times approachin. ?? ? ”

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