After ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Van Lies About Being Married, Jenn Throws Some Shade

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Van and Jenn have always had a troubled romance on the show.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Van’s love life has played out on the show. And fans already know that he had a lot of downs during his relationship with Jenn. In fact, he’s been unfaithful. There was even a time in which he messed around with his assistant at the time.

To make things right with Jenn afterward, he almost agreed to a quickie wedding. But he changed his mind at the altar, and this is something that Jenn was anticipating that he would do. Regardless, Van felt it wasn’t the right time to make things official, despite how long they have been on and off. He also took issue with the fact that his daughter wasn’t there to see them get married.

As a result, Jenn decided to end the relationship. And she was tired of them wasting each other’s time.

Van causes a stir on social media.

On the most recent season, Van revealed that he and Jenn had actually gotten back together. Despite being fired from 9Mag, he was getting his life back on track. And he’s finding his own way now that he’s not really on good terms with anyone from the old gang with the exception of Kat. Kat hasn’t been on the show in years. But she’s managed to find happiness with her own shop in LA and a happy relationship with an NFL player.

As for Van, he and Jenn have once again called it quits. And he caused quite a stir after he told followers he was a married man.

He would later admit to trolling, so it’s probably no surprise that Jenn recently threw some shade.

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