‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Van Throws Shade Amid Messy Accusations About Ryan?

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Ryan struggled at first running 9 Mag.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan is no stranger to drama. For the first few seasons, he had plenty on the show. Although it was said he created 9Mag with the other OGs of the show, he struggled to run the business with them. His situation with Kat would only make things worse. And after she left the show, the others continued to have disdain for him.

Eventually, Ryan decided he needed to part ways with some of them. Charmaine made the choice to just start her own shop after she was fired. And she’s hoping that 2nd City Ink can be competitive. Despite having her own place of business, she’s still managed to get back in a good place with Ryan. And he was there for her when her mother passed away.

And when the funeral happened, it was also revealed that Ryan and Kat are on better terms now, too.

Van may have gotten shady amid new allegations about Ryan.

In fact, the only OG Ryan seems to not be in a good place with these days is Van.

After Ceaser accused Ryan of hooking up with Miss Kitty, it was Van who went to Cease and expressed his issues with Ryan. He told Cease that Ryan isn’t a loyal person, and he will turn on anyone.

So it’s probably not surprising that Van may have thrown some shade on social media after Ryan was hit with some very messy accusations.

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