‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Ryan Responds to Backlash over Recent Accusations

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Ryan has been accused of hooking up with his best friend’s baby momma.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan is no stranger to drama. He’s had his share of it on the show. On the recent season, people were trying to figure out if he hooked up with Miss Kitty. The accusations were originally made on “Black Ink Crew.” Sky told the others a blog alleged the hookup happened. Although Kitty would deny this, Ceaser didn’t believe her. So he fired her and he’s been on bad terms with Ryan since.

So when Ryan was accused of sleeping with his best friend’s baby momma, Cease had something to say. And he called out people who aren’t loyal. According to Cease, unloyal people aren’t true bosses. And they will betray anyone for clout, money, and women.

Ryan speaks.

This belief about Ryan is also in alignment with what Van feels. When he appeared on the New York show, he had an interesting conversation with Cease. And he said that Ryan isn’t loyal to anyone but himself. Van feels as if Ryan has a habit of turning on people he’s close to. So he wasn’t surprised about the rumors regarding Ryan and Kitty.

Van has also seemingly thrown some shade Ryan’s way amid the messy accusations.

Interestingly enough, Ryan addressed the allegations recently on social media. And his comments aren’t sitting well with some fans of the show.

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