‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Ryan Responds to Backlash over Recent Accusations

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Ryan addresses the accusations.

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan is a hot topic on the internet these days. Days ago, he was accused of sleeping with his best friend’s baby momma. And the man, Anthony Lindsey, claims this allegedly happened while he was battling cancer. So he feels betrayed and he’s hurt that Ryan would allegedly do this to him. He also claimed that the situation is affecting the children involved, too.

While many people had sympathy for Anthony, Ryan’s comments were cold.

He addressed it recently while on Instagram Live.

Ryan said, “I wish I would spend all day on the internet looking for some motherf*cking sympathy and sh*t. And then wake up still broke tomorrow. Y’all better make something happen. You know? It is what it is. And with all that sh*t, you know, ain’t nobody gonna do sh*t. How bout that? Show me a n*gga that gon do something…you know how I rock. So, I’ll be back in the city tomorrow. N*ggas know where I be at. Otherwise, aspire to inspire.”

Ryan responded to the backlash from his followers.

Some of his followers began to call him out in the comments. They said Ryan is making himself look worse. In response, Ryan said, “This n*gga making himself look worse? Worse to who? Y’all don’t like me anyway…they say he making himself look worse. Worse to what? Y’all don’t like me anyway. What you mean? You know I’m definitely over with, you know what I’m saying? Y’all don’t even know what’s real behind that story.”

He continued, “I’m not going to say anything, I’m definitely not going to say anything. You know what I mean? It’s definitely a lot of people that want to say a lot of sh*t. You know what I mean? I take my motherf*cking punches on the chin, I take my punches all the way on the chin. But uh, I ain’t gon say nothing.”

And Ryan wasn’t feeling it when a follower said he’s going to lose all his friends. He said, “Somebody said, ‘You not gonna have any friends.’ When the f*ck I ever needed some friends. I got kids, goofy b*tch, I got kids. I don’t need no friends. Y’all want friends and likes and followers.”


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