RHOP Recap: Karen Checks Wendy & Candiace for Pressing Her About Monique

rhop season 5 episode 13
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Juan picks out a ring.

Gizelle meets Juan at the jewelry store. He’s looking for an engagement ring for Robyn. And he wants Gizelle’s help. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says that her relationship with Jamal is headed down the same path. Juan says his budget is $8,000 to $10,000.

They find a Morganite ring that they believe Robyn will love.

Robyn and Wendy aren’t enthusiastic about being invited to Monique’s event.

Monique’s godfather Pearl comes over to help her get ready for her upcoming live podcast. She didn’t sell enough tickets, so she’s disappointed she will have to come out of pocket for the event.

With Pearl being a pastor, Monique is happy to have someone around who will keep her grounded. They discuss the altercation and Pearl says that Monique not addressing her inner issues led to a blowup. With things now becoming legal, Monique knows she can’t reach out to Candiace. But she calls Robyn and Wendy to see if they want to come to her live podcast to see the work she’s doing on herself. In a green screen interview, Robyn says she wants to believe Monique is working on herself but she’s not sure what to do.

Wendy says that it would be messed up for her to come after Monique had no remorse about assaulting Candiace. But she will have to think about it.

Ray and Karen continue to talk about their issues.

Karen and Ray go see a life coach to discuss their marriage problems. Ray says that Karen no longer being a housewife has been hard for him. He’s now retired and Karen is always away working on her business ventures. And he’s not happy about this.

As for Karen, she doesn’t understand why Ray can’t be supportive of her when she supported him while he was busy with his career. Ray then thanks Karen for taking care of him while he was a career man and they kiss. They will have to learn how to listen and support each other through a different season in the marriage.

Candiace wants to confront Karen.

While at home, Wendy calls Gizelle to invite her to her “Wine with Wendy” event. She’s not inviting Monique and Gizelle says this is a “good call.” In a green screen interview, Wendy says she’s about empowering women not “beating women.”

When she calls Candiace, she complains about people dragging her in the blogs about the altercation. So she’s been having panic attacks. And she’s convinced Monique has been sending “lies” to the blogs.

But it’s “telling” that Karen said she would have pressed charges if she was assaulted. She’s going to pull Karen aside at the event and press her about her support of Monique.

Jamal and Gizelle become exclusive.

Gizelle and Jamal have a conversation about their relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t something Gizelle likes. And she also wants clarity about if they are serious or not. Jamal says he’s been waiting on her to ask about where they stand. And he’s relieved that they both want a serious relationship, so this is what they agree to.

Ashley gives Monique an update about Karen.

It’s the day of Monique’s live podcast. Wendy and Robyn decide not to come and they say that Monique hasn’t changed so they don’t see the point. Meanwhile, Ashley comes and Karen declines because she said she’s not feeling well.

Both women discuss Karen. And Ashley says that Karen told Candiace that she would press charges if she was in Candiace’s shoes. Monique is shocked and disappointed. As for Ashley, she feels Karen was wrong to do this. And it wasn’t a loyal move.

Later on, Monique is asked about her status with Candiace during the podcast. She tells the person to just pray for them.

While having a family bowling night, Juan tells Robyn’s parents he’s going to propose. They say they are fine with this. So they give him their blessing.

The women gossip about Karen.

It’s the day of Wendy’s event. Wendy wants all the women in attendance to discuss the importance of voting. But before they dive in, the ladies make jokes about the wig Robyn decided to wear. They are in agreement that it’s terrible.

After they wrap up the discussion, Gizelle tells Ashley and Robyn that Wendy said Karen got drunk and said she gave Ray half of the money needed to pay his taxes. Gizelle thinks it’s odd that she’d tell Wendy that, so she wants to talk to Karen because she doesn’t think she’s doing okay.

Ashley stands by Monique.

Meanwhile, Candiace pulls Karen aside to talk. She tells Karen that she makes excuses for Monique and she chose a side while coddling her.

In response, Karen tells Candiace that she has a brilliant mind but a reckless mouth.

Karen tells Candiace she coddled her a year ago. So Candiace should remember that. And if it was Candiace being ousted from the group, she’d have Candiace’s back too.  But she’s already told Monique she was wrong and did so in front of the others. So Candiace isn’t about to tell her what to do.

Wendy, Gizelle, and Robyn press Ashley about supporting Monique. But Ashley stands firm and says Monique and Chris were there for her when she was at her lowest. And she thinks it’s wrong how the women are ganging up on her.

Karen has had enough.

Wendy then decides to interject herself into Candiace and Karen’s conversation. After Candiace says Monique has a history of being violent, Karen snaps and says she is not choosing sides. She will not abandon Monique for these women. And she says for Wendy to have so much college education, she sounds ignorant. Realizing things are getting too heated, Candiace backs off. And she tells Karen she doesn’t want to further divide the group. So they will drop the conversation.

In a green screen interview, Candiace says she’s always had Karen’s back but maybe she shouldn’t have.

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