RHOP Recap: Ashley Continues Struggle with Postpartum Depression + Karen Gathers Wendy

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Candiace’s remix is on the way.

Candice’s friend Cliff is over and he’s helping her work out her vocals. She’s getting ready to hear the remix of her single. And she’s really thankful to have the support of Chucky Thompson. It’s been great to focus on the music amid her drama with Monique.

Karen recaps her latest tiff with Wendy.

Gizelle and Robyn meet Karen at a restaurant. Gizelle plans on telling Karen what Wendy told her about paying half of Ray’s tax debt. When Karen arrives, she’s already cautious. And she’s “sitting on ready.” She doesn’t know what to expect with the “green-eyed bandits.”

But before Ray is discussed, Robyn invites the ladies to her photoshoot for her hat line. Everyone will be invited except Monique.

They discuss Robyn’s tax debt. Karen says she’s not celebrating and she’ll support Robyn through it all. At this point, Gizelle brings up what Wendy said. Karen denies that she told Wendy that she wants the money she gave Ray back. Producers then flashback to an intoxicated Karen saying she wants her money back.

At this point, Karen says she didn’t like the fact that Wendy along with Candiace tried to pressure her into turning her back on Monique. She’s not scared of Wendy and she will not be told what to do, say, or think.

Wendy is feeling some type of way, and Ashley opens up more in therapy.

As for Wendy, she’s upset Karen said she sounded ignorant. She knows how hard she had to work to get four degrees. So it was hurtful for Karen to say this as the conversation about Monique became heated.

Ashley goes to see her therapist. She says that she and Michael haven’t been happy lately. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that Ashley hasn’t been feeling sexy. She feels as if she’s just an “utility for Dean.” So this has hurt her sex life with Michael. Her therapist tells her it’s normal to feel this way and some women struggle a whole year or so after they give birth.

Candiace goes to meet with Chucky Thompson to hear the remix to her song. She loves it as soon as he starts playing it. And she gets emotional after he asks Candiace to sign to his record label.

After Candiace hits Monique with charges, she comes to the realization that she is facing jail time. But she will have to fight back so she won’t have to be away from her family.

Gizelle and the others continue to ice out Monique.

Ashley meets Gizelle at her house. She has Baby Dean with her and after therapy, she’s aware that some time away from Dean would be good for her. So she thinks it’s time for a girls trip. Although she wants to invite Monique, Gizelle tells her not to because if Ashley does invite her, Gizelle won’t attend. And neither will Robyn, Wendy, and Candiace.

It’s the day of Robyn’s photoshoot for her hat line. Before Karen gets there, Gizelle tells Wendy what Karen had to say about Wendy. And Wendy comes to the conclusion that Karen is a “hater” and jealous of the fact that she has four degrees.

Karen shuts down Wendy.

After they take photos with the hats on, Ashley tells them they are going to Portugal. This is after Wendy correctly guesses the flag Ashley holds out for a quick game of guess.

Later on, Wendy confronts Karen in front of the others. She says Karen doesn’t have one degree, so she can’t hate on her four. She then goes on to say she doesn’t brag about her degrees. The producers then flashback to all the times Wendy bragged about her degrees.

Wendy once again comes for Karen about not having a degree, Karen says that while she doesn’t have a degree, she comes from a family of educated black people. And one thing she does have is success. You don’t need a degree to be successful. One thing a degree can’t replace is common sense, something Karen says she has a lot of.

And she wants Wendy to be clear that every time she’s told what Karen supposedly said, funk is put on it by Gizelle. So Wendy should have better discernment if she’s going to be a part of the group. But Karen lightens the mood when she offers to show Wendy the imitation she did of her. She “slithers” as she feels Wendy slithered down the stairs to interject herself into Karen’s conversation with Candiace.

At his point, all the women begin to laugh and imitate Wendy’s walk with Karen.

Monique responds.

Two days later, Candiace finds out that Monique has countered the charges against her with charges against Candiace. Candiace is heated and calls Monique evil for this. But Chris calms her down and tells her to focus on the girls trip because she can’t do anything but allow things to play out.

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