Egypt Criss May Have Changed Her Mind About Quitting ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

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Egypt attacked Briana on the latest season of “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Egypt Criss had a tough recent season. She has been clashing with Tee Tee and Briana Latrise over her relationship with Sam. When it comes to Sam, Tee Tee and Briana just don’t trust him. In fact, they suspect he’s been using his relationship with Egypt to advance his music career. So they are skeptical about everything he does. And they feel as if Egypt has taken a backseat musically to be with Sam.

On the latest season, things only escalated. The more vocal Briana became, the tension would only thicken between Egypt and the others.

In fact, Egypt assaulted Briana while they were filming. And it caught Briana off-guard and she felt as if Egypt had crossed a line.

Egypt told her fans she was leaving the show.

As everything unfolded on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Egypt believed she wasn’t getting a fair edit. After she questioned how she was being portrayed on the show, she then decided it was time to walk away.

So she announced her departure from the show on social media. Interestingly enough, Sam had previously told fans that he was quitting the show as well.

However, Egypt may have changed her mind.

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