RHOA Recap: Porsha Protests Against Police Brutality + Kenya Prepares for a Divorce

RHOA Season 13 episode 1 Recap
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

On tonight’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season premiere, the pandemic and social unrest changed a lot for the ladies. In fact, Porsha felt strongly about Breonna Taylor George Floyd’s death and decided to head to Louisville to protest for Breonna.

Unfortunately for Porsha, she was arrested by police during the protests.

Meanwhile, Kandi reveals Riley’s dad owes six-figures in back child support. Cynthia and Mike have a disagreement over the details of the wedding. Despite Covid, Cynthia wants to have a big wedding. However, Mike doesn’t care about having a wedding; he just wants to get married.

Here’s the recap for, “No Justice, No Peace.”

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  1. Mike Hill ain’t all that! I’m tired of his over-the-top attitude and expressions. Why everybody so fat? AND WHERE’S NENE? RHOA needs to change to BHOA (Boring Housewives of Atlanta).

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