RHOA Newbie Drew Sidora Calls out Her Husband for Disappearing Act

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Real Housewives of Atlanta” is back but the season 13 premiere brought in a massive drop in ratings. On the episode, fans of the show got an update with the familiar peach holders. Porsha Williams has been busy participating in protests. Kenya Moore is still not in a good place with Marc Daly and considering divorce. Cynthia Bailey is ready to marry Mike Hill but the pandemic has made it hard to have her dream wedding. And Kandi Burruss is ready to send Riley Burruss off to college. However, they question why Riley’s father Russell “Block” Spencer can’t help out with the tuition.

On the upcoming episode, viewers will see the two newbies, Drew Sidora and LaToya Forever.

Drew rose to fame as an actress and she’s had memorable roles in the TLC biopic as well as “The Game.” On “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a lot will be revealed about her marriage. Her husband, Ralph Pittman, isn’t forthcoming enough. In fact, they aren’t in the best place because he still won’t come clean about the time he disappeared and she couldn’t get in contact with him.

Drew Sidora clashes with her husband.

In a preview of the episode, Drew confronts him about this.

She says, “I’m not asking for much like going back because you danced around it, like you left and I didn’t know where you were. You didn’t take my phone calls. You didn’t talk to me, you didn’t text me back unless it was about the house or about business.”

In response to this, Phil says, “Go check your text messages. Not one text message went without being returned and in one minute.”

Drew is stunned by Phil’s decision to just leave and not communicate, “What planet, you can leave the house, you’re married and you can’t tell your wife where you’re going? Where you are? Like that’s crazy.”

After Phil says he “was always accessible,” Drew once again asks him where he went. Phil says it’s not about that and Drew once again questions if he can’t give her an answer.

At this point, Phil says, “I told you I was at the beach, I was at the ocean.”

Drew asks Phil what beach he went to and if he left Georgia. While he does admit to leaving Georgia to go to this particular beach, he still refuses to tell Drew what beach he went to.

This doesn’t sit well with Drew and she tells Phil that if he can’t be completely honest, they can “dead-end it right there.”

The preview clip ends before Drew gets an answer.

Check it out below.


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