Dr. Heavenly Kimes Reveals When ‘Married to Medicine’ Will Return

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There have been a lot of dramatic moments on “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” is known for the drama and controversies. In fact, on the show’s first season, a physical altercation actually took place. Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris came to blows. This happened while the women were in ballgowns. Mariah was upset that Toya told others that Dr. Aydin Huq wasn’t Lauren Huq’s biological father.

Despite this, the women were able to move forward. And Toya became one of Mariah’s biggest supporters.

On the recent season, Mariah was still dealing with the accusations made by Quad Webb. During a heated moment at the reunion, Quad accused Mariah of being on drugs. And she said this after Mariah said that Quad slept with her former brother in law.

Mariah was shocked and denied ever doing drugs.

The departure of Mariah Huq came after messy accusations were made.

As a result of this, Mariah decided to take multiple drug tests. She worried that the accusations could ruin her reputation. And this is something she shouldn’t take lightly since she is the creator of “Married to Medicine.”

Mariah would take the results back to the others, however, Dr. Jackie Walters refused to look at them. Dr. Eugene Harris said that Jackie only refused because she’s not on Mariah’s team.

After dealing with the accusations and continuing to clash with Quad and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Mariah would later tell her followers that she didn’t receive a contract for season 8. Her supporters created a petition urging people to boycott Bravo.

Other cast changes were reported later on.

It’s been reported that although Quad wasn’t fired from the show, she has been demoted. And next season she’ll be a friend to the show.

Lisa Nicole Cloud and Kari Wells filmed. And since Lisa left the show in a bad place with Quad and Heavenly, it’s clear that the women have some unfinished business to handle. In fact, Heavenly confirmed that she had been clashing with Lisa while they were filming the upcoming season.

The new season will be here soon.

Heavenly also had some tension with Toya. However, she appears to be in a much better place with Toya and Dr. Simone Whitmore these days. However, fans of the show are anxious to see how things will play out for season 8. In the meantime, they have been wondering when new episodes of “Married to Medicine” will air.

Interestingly enough, Heavenly recently revealed when the show will return. After a Twitter user asked, Heavenly said the show will return in the Spring.

Check out the tweet here.

In related news, the future of “Married to Medicine LA” is up in the air. In fact, a source recently told Screen Rant that Bravo is considering canceling the LA spinoff. The source believes not having “Real Housewives of Potomac” as a lead in hurt the show’s ratings.

Earlier in the year, Dr. Imani Walker explained why the LA cast had to do things differently than the women on the Atlanta show. And she said that the LA doctors weren’t able to be as controversial because they don’t own their own practices.


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