LeToya Luckett Confirms Impending Divorce + Tommi Walker Claps Back at Her Loved Ones

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A divorce is in the works.

Well, it’s over for “Friends & Family Hustle” couple LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker. After Tommi was accused of sleeping with another woman in Dallas during LeToya’s latest pregnancy, some people began to wonder if they would stay together. At first, it seemed like they were working on things. And Tommi even took to social media to count down until he could be intimate with LeToya again after the birth of their son.

However, people began to notice that LeToya stopped wearing her wedding wing.

And earlier today, both confirmed that they have pulled the plug on their marriage.

On Instagram, LeToya wrote, “After very prayerful consideration, Tommicus and I have decided to get a divorce. It is my deepest desire for us to be co-parents and keep a peaceful environment out of respect for our children. Please understand our need for privacy. Thank you in advance for your prayers, support, & space to heal as we tread through this challenging time.”

After announcing their impending divorce, Tommi Walker claps back.

Tommi released his own statement on Instagram. He wrote, “To any married couple, trust that God can work things out despite what might be the present state right now. God is the only person that can change the circumstance(s). I never wanted a divorce but outside forces can create a lot of confusion. For the record, I NEVER STEPPED OUT ON MY WIFE.”

He also clapped back at LeToya’s loved ones who weren’t fans of him. Tommi wrote, “And for ALL the friends or family that’s saying “I didn’t like him anyways,” guess what, I didn’t like yo stanky a*s either!! ? ? ”


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