RHOA Recap: Drew Gets The Last Laugh with LaToya + Kenya Stands Her Ground with Marlo

rhoa season 13 episode 8
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LaToya and Kenya make more plans.

Kandi defends Kenya’s decision to bring her nanny on the private jet. She says that Kenya doesn’t really have a “village” to support her and Brooklyn. And she wouldn’t trust a new nanny to watch Brooklyn while she’s out of town. However, the others aren’t feeling this and say Kenya has enough money to hire the help she needs.

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, LaToya and Kenya are planning a game of Murder Mystery. Someone, an actress, will be fake killed. And the ladies will have to compete to figure out who the fake killer is. In Kenya’s opinion, this is a good way to kick off the trip.

The planner says a fake gun will be used and Kenya makes sure that a gun won’t be pointed at anyone amid the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The murder mystery game is a dud.

When Cynthia arrives at the house (she traveled solo due to a prior obligation), in a green screen interview, she says that it was really shady for Kenya and LaToya to get there on a private jet.

The bus drive to the house took about 8 hours. The ladies are given name tags for the alter egos they want to be for the night.

When the alcohol starts to pour, Kandi drinks water instead since she doesn’t drink. Not too long after, the actress comes and fakes her death in front of the group. So the Murder Mystery game has begun. Kenya plays along and tells everyone to give the woman some air. Then other actors run in with guns, scaring everyone. Porsha even jumps over the couch.

The “dead” woman jumps up and runs away. It’s now time for the ladies to figure out who killed her. Clues are read aloud. They must look under their seats to get another clue.

Kenya announces that whoever wins can upgrade their room to a much better one.

Not too long after, LaToya lies and says she is the killer. She and Porsha laugh and say they are over the game and ready to have a good time. This annoys Kenya and as they bounce around, they knock over some of the decor. This annoys Kenya even further.  She says they are acting like “ratchet hyenas.”

One of the actors speeds the game along and the killer is identified. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she doesn’t feel like they were given enough time to solve the murder. Her competitive spirit is not pleased. But Kenya names Tanya the winner anyway because she did the most work.

LaToya crosses the line with Drew.

After they wrap up, Falynn says she’s not staying at the house because she wants to be with her husband. LaToya says this is absurd and Drew chimes in telling Falynn not to worry because LaToya “doesn’t care about husbands.”

The women start walking around to look at the their rooms and LaToya gets in her face and asks if Drew wants to talk about her “struggling husband.” As she does this, she grabs Drew in the process. This angers Drew even further. She tells LaToya to back off because the last woman who tried it got her head rammed into a gate.

As Drew is taken away to calm down, LaToya looks on as Kenya tries to tell her to let it go. Marlo and the others tell LaToya that she can’t put her hands on anyone because it escalates the situation. Regardless, LaToya says she doesn’t recall grabbing Drew.

Kenya asks LaToya to apologize to Drew, and she apologizes. But she then asks if she can touch Drew now, and Cynthia realizes that LaToya has had too much to drink. Another standoff almost happens but LaToya apologizes again before walking away.

Kenya just wants LaToya to let it go.

After the drama, the ladies get back to looking at their rooms.

Marlo doesn’t like her room and this gives Kenya an immense amount of joy.

As Porsha, Tanya, Marlo, and Falynn talk to Drew, Porsha says she gets the sense that LaToya likes to provoke people. Cynthia, Kandi, and Kenya tell LaToya that she “fired the first shot” with Drew. In a green screen interview, Kenya says that while Drew’s wig was bad, it’s not something to call her out about. She can wear what she wants.

Regardless, LaToya says she will talk to Drew about the wig shade she’s been throwing.

Marlo wants to figure things out with Kenya.

Kenya has a catering company come over to barbecue for the women, and Porsha who is trying to be Vegan again, isn’t happy to see a pig being roasted.

Later on, Marlo tells Kandi that the room she was given really bothers her. At this point, she wants to know what the real issue is between her and Kenya. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she just hopes they can make peace and move forward one day.

Porsha shows Shamea the texts from Dennis saying he wants them to get back together and give it their all. While she thinks the messages were flattering, all she said to him in response was thank you and she misses PJ.

Dennis’ last text to Porsha was him asking her if they are going to go on a date when she returns. Shamea jokingly snatches the phone and runs around the pool threatening to reply to him as Porsha chases her.

Kenya receives more criticism about her trip planning.

Kandi ends up trying to talk to Kenya about Marlo. But Kenya isn’t interested. Not too long after, the women discover Kenya had food delivered to the house just for her. But Kenya doesn’t see the big deal because a pig is being roasted for them and it’s food in the refrigerator.

Kandi snaps after she sees Kenya eating a crab cake sandwich. Regardless, Kenya continues to eat her food in front of everyone, but she does offer some to the others. She tells Drew that she’s PMSing.

LaToya is back at it.

While a few of the ladies are chilling at the pool, LaToya shows the women a wig she’s going to gift Drew. They don’t think this is a good idea. When Kenya finds out LaToya is walking into the house to move forward with her plan, Kenya tells her to come back and not do this.

The catering company has finished the food, including the roasted pig. Tanya says she’s thankful since she was hungry for hours.  Kenya gives her the side-eye.

Falynn returns and Kenya says that the women are entitled and want to be fed all the time.

Drew gets even.

As the women eat, LaToya offers Drew a shady apology for the wig comments, and she says she’s going to buy a wig for Drew that she will get plucked correctly. Drew says she’s not interested and probably won’t wear it since she gets wigs from the best in Hollywood. But she gets up from the table to get a “gift” for LaToya.

When she returns, Drew calls LaToya her biggest fan and gives her an autograph.

Kandi is impressed. LaToya says Drew had a “good wig” on in the picture. But all the ladies are glad that Drew and LaToya are at least able to let things go, for now.

Things get tense between Marlo and Kenya.

Marlo thinks this is a good time to hash things out with Kenya. She can’t understand why they fell out. But Kenya says that Marlo has said some horrible things to her. But Marlo doesn’t think she has. In her mind, she’s only said Kenya has bad skin and a fake booty. Kenya says she doesn’t have a fake booty. At this point, Marlo says Kenya has a fake booty. As they argue, Marlo walks off from the table.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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