‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Porsha Williams Sets the Record Straight with Dennis McKinley

Photo Credit: Bravo

Some people aren’t convinced Porsha Williams is done with Dennis McKinley.

Porsha Williams is ready to move on from her relationship with Dennis McKinley. And while Dennis still had hope that they could eventually get back together sometime in the future, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star just doesn’t think that a romantic relationship will ever work between them. She wasn’t able to get past the fact that Dennis cheated on her while she was pregnant with Baby PJ.

On the upcoming episode, Porsha and Dennis talk about where they stand. After Dennis tells Porsha that they are too old to not be able to have a mature conversation about everything, Porsha reminds Dennis that he was the one who recently said that he was single on Instagram, “But Dennis, you’re the one who told the world you’re single as f*ck. I mean, I haven’t even done that.”

In response to this, Dennis says, “You ain’t gotta tell people that when you’re moving like you’re single as f*ck. You ain’t gotta tell the world that.”

Porsha then asks, “How I’m moving? How? How?”

After she asks Dennis what his issues are, Dennis says, “When you’re in a relationship, either you’re in a relationship or you’re not in a relationship.”

Porsha questions how many times it needs to be said that they aren’t together, “How many times are people who are already broken up gonna keep telling each other that they’re done?”

Dennis states that Porsha has made it very clear that they aren’t in a relationship, “You’re the one that keeps saying it.”

The preview concludes with Porsha saying, “Yeah, yeah because you keep putting things on me as if we’re still together. And we’re broken up.”

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