‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Kari & Lisa Nicole Return + Simone & Cecil Take Michael to College

married to medicine season 8 episode 5
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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Toya brings back two familiar faces. Turns out, she’s been keeping in touch with Lisa Nicole. They actually live close to each other. And Toya believes Lisa was chased off of the show seasons ago. Kari also returns. And with Lisa leaving the show while not being in the best place with Quad and Heavenly, it’s clear that drama will erupt very soon once she comes back around the whole group.

While things could be getting messy for some of the other ladies in the near future, Heavenly is still working on getting Simone and Jackie to talk things out. So she pushes Jackie to call Simone and ask if they can meet up soon to put everything out on the table. Simone reluctantly agrees, but Jackie is hurt when Simone says she can’t guarantee that they will get back to where they were.

Simone also has her own emotional moment as Michael heads to college.

Plus, Anila’s custom-built dream house is causing problems with Kiran. They are way over budget as Anila keeps wanting to change things at the last minute. And since Kiran couldn’t work for ten weeks during the pandemic, he’s losing patience with Anila’s decisions.

Here’s a recap for, “Friendship Foes & Marital Woes.”

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