GUHH Recap: Angela Makes a Major Move + Twist Offends Pepa

GUHH Season 6 Episode 2 recap
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On tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Pepa joins her party as JoJo and Sam’s beef escalates. She immediately suspects this is due to Lil Twist’s ongoing issues with Sam.

Pepa tries to stand up for Sam by talking to Twist about their issues with one another. The conversation devolves to Pepa accusing Twist of being homophobic towards Sam.

Meanwhile, Angela considers following Daniel down to Miami after Daniel reveals he’s heading to Florida to train for his next boxing matches. But before he heads down, Angela links up with Vanessa for a photoshoot and Angela brushes off Vanessa’s question regarding not meeting Daniel.

Lastly, Briana and Tee Tee meet up and Tee Tee reveals she’s not sure she will invite Sam and Egypt to the wedding.

Here’s the recap for, “Don’t Be Salty.”

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