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GUHH Recap: Angela Makes a Major Move + Twist Offends Pepa

GUHH Season 6 Episode 2

Photo Credit: WE tv

Pepa joins the party as JoJo leaves.

The episode begins with Egypt pleading with JoJo not to leave Pepa’s party. However, that doesn’t work and as they’re leaving, Pepa walks downstairs fashionably late. Pepa notices the vibe is off and wonders what happened. Of course, Sam explains his side of the story and she doesn’t appreciate the drama.

Eventually, the party gets back going but Tyran is still concerned about Sam’s antics as he’s engaged to Egypt.

Back in New York, Tee Tee is still with her mom and Amanda trying on dresses. Shawn’s mom and sister arrive, joining Tee Tee for the dress fitting. The fitting gets emotional as Tee Tee tries on a dress Marlene picks out. In her interview, Tee Tee feels somewhat sad that her relationship with Egypt broke down over Sam.

Lil Twist is in Vegas at Eric’s house when Pepa texts him asking for a talk. Twist gets apprehensive as he feels she wants to talk about Sam. JoJo agrees and really doesn’t care. But out of respect, JoJo feels Twist should agree to talk.

Angela considers moving to Florida.

Missing from all of the action is Angela. She’s back in New York also with her boyfriend Daniel Jacobs. Daniel arrived at Angela’s place wearing a matching sweatsuit. Angela says she met Daniel through a friend and they’ve been dating for a few months at this point. Daniel tells Angela he’s looking at heading to Florida to train for his next fight.

Angela tells Daniel she’s looking forward to going down with him and suggests Miami.

In her interview, Angela reveals her son did meet Daniel which was not an easy decision. She doesn’t like bringing him around anyone if it’s not serious. Having Daniel meet Vanessa comes up next but Vanessa is out in LA.

Treach’s worried about JoJo and Sam’s beef.

The next day, Tyran shows up in NYC and stops by to talk to Treach. While visiting, Tyrann tells Treach about JoJo and Sam’s shouting match. Treach tells Tyran that JoJo and Sam need to nip this beef in the bud before it escalates. Tyran agrees and will seek them out so they can squash it.

Back in LA, Tee Tee is back from her dress fitting and calls Vanessa. Tee Tee shows Vanessa her son and hears about Vanessa’s new relationship with Daniel. Vanessa says she hasn’t met Daniel and feels Angela is secretive as she doesn’t like her sister judging the relationship. But Vanessa tells Tee Tee it seems like Angela moved fast in her relationship with Daniel.

Luckily, Vanessa gets a chance to talk to Angela about it because she’s stopping by a photoshoot feating Angela and her. While they’re in makeup chairs, they talk about Daniel. Vanessa asks when she’s going to meet him and Angela mentioned his schedule. She also mentioned not expecting landing in a relationship and Vanessa mentioned it did kind of go fast.

Eventually, the sisters have their photoshoot but Vanessa seems more concerned about meeting and approving Daniel.

Next, Briana makes an appearance, stopping by Tee Tee’s with a gift. Tee Tee cracks open a bottle of wine. In her interview, Tee Tee reveals Briana reached out and supported her during the pregnancy, unlike Egypt, Pepa, and Sam.

Tee Tee tells Briana about her wedding plans in Jamaica. When the guest list comes up, Tee Tee says that she isn’t sure if she’s going to invite Egypt, and Sam to the wedding, and her mom Marlene is insistent about this. Briana tells Tee Tee it’s her day so she can do whatever she wants.

Pepa calls Twist homophobic.

Eventually, Angela makes it to Miami when Angela’s mom Valerie calls. Daniel comes up and Angela’s mom asks if she’s nervous about dating a boxer. But Angela isn’t too worried about Daniel getting hurt. Angela then tells her Vanessa will meet Daniel after the fight he’s preparing for.

Finally, Pepa gets her to sit down with Twist. They meet up at a restaurant in Vegas. The talk immediately turns to Sam and his antics on social media and OnlyFans. Twist calls him gay and Pepa refutes this. Pepa’s, of course, insulted by Twist’s insults of Sam. Twist tells Pepa if she cares about Sam, she’d tell Sam to cut the act of posing on social media in a g-string. Pepa then begins to feel that Twist, like many in the hip-hop community, is homophobic.

She brings up Twist wearing a Spider suit and Twist responds that Sam should’ve worn that instead of the g-string.

The episode ends with the conversation not going anywhere.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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