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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Says Feuding with Dr. Jackie Will Get Someone Fired

Photo Credit: Bravo

Toya Bush-Harris is having a tough season on “Married to Medicine.”

It seems like the relationships on “Married to Medicine” are always changing. On the current season, Toya Bush-Harris appears to be on her way to becoming the outcast of the group. Mariah Huq is gone. Toya is at odds with Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Quad Webb, and Anila Sajaa. And at the beginning of the season, she could barely be at the same events with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. However, they have made a lot of progress. So Toya is on good terms with Contessa and Dr. Simone Whitmore. She’s also been able to film scenes with Kari Wells and Lisa Nicole Cloud who continue to make guest appearances.

When it comes to Toya’s relationship with Dr. Jackie Walters, they seemed fine. However, on one recent episode, Toya was frustrated that Jackie wasn’t doing more to get Heavenly and Quad off her back. Prior to Quad’s home event, Jackie was able to have a get-together and push Heavenly and Quad to make peace.

During one of Heavenly’s YouTube videos, she talked about Toya’s ongoing feuds. And she said it wouldn’t be in Toya’s best interest to fall out with Jackie, “But she don’t come for one person. She came for me first. Then she came for Quad, then she came for Anila…oh no, Contessa was before Anila. Contessa, then she came for Anila. And here lately, I’m hearing on Instagram that she’s coming for Jackie.”

She added, “Don’t come for Jackie. I’ma tell you one thing on this show, you gonna learn your lesson. You don’t come for Jackie. People on came for Jackie? Are they still here? You might wanna make Jackie your friend, Toya. At least be smart enough not to come for every d*mn body. The only person you got is Simone. I’ma give you a secret. Let me give you a secret. Simone is a flip-flopper. She ain’t solid on no d*mn body, she’s a flip-flopper.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes said Dr. Jackie Walters is the queen of the show.

When one of Heavenly’s subscribers said that Toya didn’t come for Jackie and they even spoke recently on Instagram, Heavenly strongly disagreed. She said, “I just talked to Jackie a few minutes ago. D*mn what you hear on IG.” Heavenly continued, “This is not true. Jackie ain’t gonna say she don’t like nobody. And I’m not gonna bring up no names. But M, Jackie act like she…she couldn’t stand that woman.”

The woman Heavenly referred to as “M” is most likely Mariah. Mariah has said that Jackie can’t stand her. Meanwhile, Jackie is convinced Mariah doesn’t like her and would have fired her from the show if she had the power.

Heavenly went on to call Jackie the queen of “Married to Medicine,” as well, “I’m telling you don’t come for the queen of this show and that’s Jackie. Come for her if you don’t wanna be on the show anymore you coming for Jackie.”

She added, “But Toya’s coming for everybody, which is the dumbest sh*t, ever. If I teach you anything about reality TV, you don’t come for everybody. Come for one of the top dogs like at this point, when Quad wasn’t here, when Mariah wasn’t here, and I don’t use that name, you gotta come for Heavenly. That’s what you need to do or Toya.”

Heavenly also said Kari and Lisa can’t help Toya, “You gotta come for somebody. But you don’t come for everybody. And then bring your recycled a*s friends to help you because they ain’t no help. Kari be trying but she’s such a nonfactor. Lisa Nicole can’t win if she wanted to win. She keeps losing. That’s it.”

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