RHOP: Wendy Osefo Slams Gizelle Bryant + Newcomer Angers Robyn Dixon & Candiace Dillard

Photo Credit: Bravo

Wendy Osefo and Gizelle Bryant fell out.

When it comes to feuds, Gizelle Bryant doesn’t back away from them. And usually, the “Real Housewives of Potomac” star gets in trouble with the other women because she repeats “the word on the street.” Last season, Gizelle was accused of spreading rumors about Monique Samuels’ marriage. Now Wendy Osefo is accusing Gizelle of doing the same thing.

Weeks ago, it was noticed that Gizelle is no longer following Wendy on Instagram.

Bravo has officially released the trailer for season 6, and in the trailer, Gizelle asks Ashley Darby if they are ever going to talk about the rumors about Wendy’s husband Eddie Osefo. Ashley is confused and then asks Gizelle what rumors she’s referring to.

Later on in the trailer, Eddie tells Wendy that he’s not fulfilled in their marriage.

When Wendy confronts Gizelle about the rumors, she says, “What you’re not gon to do, is you’re not gon to play with my husband’s name.” She adds, “I see you for everything everybody ever said that you were.”

Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby are having some struggles.

As we mentioned prior, Wendy appears to be in a much better place with Karen Huger these days according to their social media activities. Speaking of Karen, when she’s not feuding with Gizelle and seemingly still at odds with Candiace Dillard and Robyn Dixon, she’s still working things out with Ray Huger. So she’s not thrilled when she reads a text message sent to him in which someone writes, “Good morning handsome.”

Ashley is having a hard time adjusting to her newborn son. Now as a mother of two, the stress is overwhelming.

Robyn has also been dealing with issues of her own and Juan Dixon isn’t happy that she’s been in the bed a lot lately and not very motivated. He feels Robyn may have let herself go since their engagement.

Gizelle isn’t in the best place with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Long-distance has been tough.

Mia Thorton starts off with a bang.

Newcomer Mia Thorton is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in the foster care system. Her husband is older and she has a big personality. While Karen is a fan, Mia has some tense moments with Candiace and Robyn. In fact, in one scene, Mia and Candiace toss food at one another. And Robyn tells Mia to “shut the f*ck up” at one point.

Candiace is focused on her music career and her husband Chris Bassett is managing her. However, her mother warns against this. And issues do arise.

Check out the trailer below. RHOP season 6 premieres July 11 8/7c.

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