‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Tee Tee Responds to Rumor About Her Fiancé

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After the latest episode of GUHH, Tee Tee had something to say.

Tee Tee’s relationship with her family has changed a lot since Sam entered their lives. The “Growing Up Hip Hop” family continues to fall apart on the current season, too. Both Tee Tee and Egypt are in the middle of planning their weddings, but they aren’t on speaking terms. And on the recent episode, Pepa’s son Tyran was hoping he could at least help things by getting Pepa and Tee Tee in the same place. He did so by inviting both women to see his new martial arts school. He only achieved this because he didn’t tell either woman that the other would be there.

When Pepa and Tee Tee saw each other, the tension was thick. And Pepa felt like Tee Tee was disrespectful.

Later on, Pepa gave Egypt and her sister Dawn a recap of what went down. And Dawn said that she heard that Tee Tee’s fiancé Shawn has cheated on her.

In response to this, Tee Tee had some things to say on Twitter after the scene with her aunt Dawn aired.

She wrote, “Mind you my mom has 6 sisters and this is the one they picked ?  ?. Haven’t seen her in a decade!!” Tee Tee continued, “Out of respect for my mom, I won’t say anything about this other aunt – but she don’t know where I live, if I even have a backyard, SHE DEF don’t know my relationship…wonder where she got this lie from ?  ?  ?.”


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