‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Tee Tee Responds to Rumor About Her Fiancé

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Tee Tee’s family remains divided.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Tee Tee used to be extremely close to her Pepa and Egypt Criss. In fact, it was said that Tee Tee had to somewhat become a motherly figure to Egypt while Pepa was on the road with a successful music career. However, the relationships changed once Egypt began dating Sam.

For Tee Tee, she never really trusted Sam’s intentions. Tee Tee and Briana Latrise thought that Sam was just using Egypt to help his own music career. Egypt took offense to this, and this led to her severing her ties with Briana and Tee Tee. Plus, Sam would later accuse Tee Tee of wanting him.

Pepa and Tee Tee’s relationship has also taken a hit. And Pepa hasn’t liked the fact that Tee Tee hasn’t been a fan of Sam and she’s been critical of his relationship with Egypt.

On the recent episode, the tension only worsened. Also, one of Pepa’s sisters revealed a messy rumor about Tee Tee’s fiancé Shawn. She alleged that Shawn hasn’t been faithful.

To no surprise, Tee Tee had something to say about the rumor recently on social media.

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