Candiace Dillard Believes She Receives More Criticism Than Ashley Darby Due to Colorism

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Candiace Dillard believes Ashley Darby gets a pass from fans.

Candiace Dillard received a lot of criticism after the altercation with Monique Samuels. And the “Real Housewives of Potomac” star felt like coverage she received in the media wasn’t fair. She suspected that this was Monique’s doing and she didn’t want to return for the upcoming season unless Monique left the show.

With Monique now gone, Ashley Darby and Karen Huger are the women that Candiace is currently at odds with. She felt like both women sided with Monique. Ashley even went as far as writing a character statement for Monique. And she brought up the past incident in which Candiace threw a butter knife her way.

One thing some fans of the show said on social media is that Candiace deserved what happened at the winery. This was hurtful to Candiace and now she has a theory. She recently expressed that she thinks Ashley doesn’t receive as much criticism because Ashley is light-skinned.

Candiace responded to an Instagram post by All True Tea. It was a clip of what they believe are “iconic” moments Ashley has had on RHOP.

One Instagram user wrote that Ashley is worse than Candiace but doesn’t receive as much backlash from fans. And they wondered why. In response to this, Candiace wrote, “Because she’s light skinned. There. It was said. I said it. Now let’s see how fast it gets around.

You can check out the post and comments here.

This is not the first time Candiace has discussed colorism.


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