GUHH Recap: Treach Reaches Out to Tee Tee & Shawn Shuts Down the Rumors

GUHH Season 6 Episode 11
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Uncle Luke meets with Cree.

Cree lands in Miami and arrives at a local Jamaican restaurant. She’s nervous because she’s reached out to Uncle Luke in order to ask him to join JoJo’s panel at the showcase. A short while after Cree arrives, Luke walks in. Cree asks him to join the panel. 

This leads Luke to tell a story of how he shot game with Pepa when they were younger and she paid him dust. He explained because back in the day, New York rappers didn’t like him or his rap group.

He also tells her they need to just hang out more and talk in order to grow closer.

Treach extends an olive branch.

Meanwhile in New York, Tee Tee’s nervous. Treach is coming by for a visit with Tyran. On the way to Tee Tee’s place, Tyran learns Treach was rubbed the wrong way by Shawn. Apparently, he didn’t like Shawn sitting with Tee Tee, Egypt, and Tyran while in Jamaica last season. Treach feels that the talk was one-sided against Egypt.

Luckily, when Treach and Tyran walk in, they’re greeted by Shawn and Tee Tee with the baby. It’s his first time seeing Tee Tee’s baby. Later on, he learns Tee Tee hasn’t talked to Egypt in a while. Treach brings up the conversation in Jamaica and Shawn says he didn’t even want to be part of that conversation. Then, he tries to convince Tee Tee that she and Egypt need to talk, reminding them that they’ve been like sisters.

This causes Tee Tee to cry as she brings up the rumor Egypt learned from their aunt Dawn.

Shawn explains that the rumors are far from the truth as what actually occurred was something that happened when he and Tee Tee first started dating and they were long-distance. Treach’s inspired by this to tell a story of how Pepa got furious at him over a cheating rumor she heard listening to Wendy Williams’ radio show in the 90s.

In the end, Tee Tee agrees to talk to Egypt and Shawn says he’s willing to talk to Sam.

Daniel Jacobs’ baby mama has a bone to pick with Angela.

Back in LA, Savannah heads to the studio to link with Jodeci’s JoJo Hailey and his daughter Sakoya Wynter. While in the studio, Savannah tells Sakoya about JoJo’s showcase. Interestingly enough, Sakoya asks if Angela’s going to be at the showcase while rolling her eyes. In an interview, Sakoya reveals that she’s Daniel Jacobs’ baby mama, and apparently, she had a baby not long before Daniel and Angela got together. 

So Sakoya’s quite eager to confront Angela at the showcase over Daniel.

In Las Vegas, Eric and JoJo head out to the desert bonfire. When they arrive, they meet with Da Brat and her fiancée Judy. They immediately get into the pitch to get Da Brat on the panel. Da Brat grills both of them about who’s performing and the prize for the winner which is an interview during Trick and Trina’s morning show in Miami.

Da Brat is proud of Eric and JoJo and agrees to join the panel.

Meanwhile, Tanice meets up with Vanessa. Vanessa’s heading to Miami to join Angela for the bikini photoshoot. But before she leaves, Vanessa learns Tanice is pregnant. Tanice is nervous about the pregnancy and cries when she expresses nervousness that the pregnancy could have serious complications. Vanessa gives Tanice encouraging words and tells her to stay stress-free.

Uncle Luke comes through for Cree.

Finally, it’s time for JoJo’s showcase in Las Vegas. JoJo and Cree are at the venue setting up and JoJo’s impressed with Cree’s team. Later, guests start to arrive and Egypt shows up with Sam by her side. Pepa’s also in the building and Uncle Luke runs into her. Of course, Luke lays it on thick as he talks to Pepa. Cree’s happy to see Uncle Luke show up. This is major for Cree.

Egypt’s nervous about her performance. She’s ready to show that she has the talent and isn’t playing second fiddle to Sam.

Things get tense when Sakoya shows up with her mom Tiny Hailey. Tanice pays a compliment to Sakoya’s mom and says she looks like the daughter. Interestingly enough, Sakoya takes it as shade. Now, Sakoya feels some type of way about Tanice.

Maureen reaches out to Pepa one more time.

But back in New York, Tee Tee is with Maureen at a spa. Tee Tee lets Maureen know she told Treach about the drama between her and Egypt. This inspires Maureen to text Pepa that this drama is tearing the family apart and they need to meet. Pepa says she’ll meet with them if they’ll come to Vegas. Maureen agrees to this but tells Tee Tee they need Treach to be there.

This conversation occurs as JoJo and Eric introduce Pepa to everyone. As the show goes on, Sam gets into helicopter mode and attempts to perform a sound check backstage. However, Cree shuts that down. As this happens, a nervous Egypt talks to her mom first, then Sam. As Pepa gives her encouraging words, Sam coaches her up.

The episode ends as it’s Egypt’s time to perform.

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