GUHH Star Tanice Simmons Responds to Criticism of Her Nearly Throwing Down While Pregnant

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Things went left between Tanice Simmons and Sakoya Wynter.

Growing Up Hip Hop” concluded a very explosive season. Most of the drama centered around Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis and Egypt Criss. After the once close cousins became distant, Egypt told a couple of people that Shawn Rogers cheated on Tee Tee. The rumor began to spread within the cast. And Tee Tee was furious. She wanted to completely cut off Egypt and Pepa. However, Treach was able to convince her to hash things out with her family. For now, it appears everyone has agreed to be cordial moving forward. Plus, Tee Tee apologized for the things she’s said about Sam Mattick. And Sam admitted that Tee Tee actually wasn’t in love with him.

On the season finale, JoJo Simmons’ wife Tanice Simmons had some drama of her own. Upon meeting “Growing Up Hip Hop” newbie Sakoya Wynter, Tanice tried to compliment Sakoya’s mother by jokingly saying she couldn’t tell who was the mother and who was the daughter.

Sakoya took this as shade and later confronted Tanice about it. Eventually, things got heated between them. And a pregnant Tanice had to be restrained before things got violent.

While some fans felt Sakoya was the one who took things too far, others were critical of Tanice’s actions as a pregnant woman.

And Tanice had something to say in response.

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