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GUHH Recap: Treach Reaches Out to Tee Tee & Shawn Shuts Down the Rumors

GUHH Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Photo Credit: WE tv

On tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” with help from Tyran, Treach extends an olive branch to Tee Tee and Shawn. But he’s shocked to learn the extent of Egypt and Tee Tee’s strained relationship. Shawn also clarifies to Treach the rumors.

Meanwhile, JoJo’s showcase is coming together. Cree gets Uncle Luke to join the panel while JoJo and Eric reached out to Da Brat. Egypt’s under the gun to perform in order to show she can hold her own, without Sam.

Lastly, Daniel’s baby mama Sakoya Wynter is quite eager to confront Angela over Daniel. She spills tea about her relationship with Daniel in the process. Sakoya’s also rubbed the wrong way when she’s introduced to Tanice.

Here’s the recap for, “The Showcase.”

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  1. Robert

    July 23, 2021 at 12:52 am

    It’s so annoying and disturbing the way Tee Tee and Maureen talk about the rift between Tee Tee and Egypt …. it’s hard to know where to begin …. I’m disgusted with both of them but more with Tee Tee I’d have to say.

    @TeeTee ….. what the H is the matter with you?!! Egypt is in her feelings because for two years you have been hellbent on destroying her relationship with the man she loves dearly. Are you really too stupid to figure out that during this time you only succeeded in destroying her relationship with you?!!

    Tee Tee you even kidnapped Egypt in your hateful bid to ruin their most important evening in hopes it would somehow destroy their love for one another. Tee Tee you’re a backstabber without a conscience! No wonder Egypt and Pepa think you’re the devil …. it wasn’t your place to stab them in the back every fricken chance you got for two years just because you don’t care for Sam …. it’s not all about you!!!! #RealTalk. Grow the F up you self absorbed charlatan frenemy!

    And Maureen …. you’re not much better! Not only do you foolishly blame Egypt for all this too but you just said tonight that you’re sick of all this nonsense. Nonsense? Egypt’s feelings are nonsense to you?!!!!

    Hardly! How come I’ve never met Egypt yet I care more about her feelings than you do by a margin of 100 to 1?

    Bottom Line: Tee Tee singlehandedly destroyed the relationship between Tee Tee and Egypt. The sooner Tee Tee and Maureen figure this out and apologize profusely for it the sooner your family can begin to heal.

    Egypt is a sweetheart and deserves so much better.

    And Egypt …. you go girl …. and wow you looked like you’re about to kill it on this showcase …. can barely wait to see you kill it next week.


    • Lele

      July 23, 2021 at 12:58 pm

      No one single handedly destroys a relationship. Tee Tee was trying to save her cousin from a toxic relationship that other’s are afraid to address in Egypts face. Could she had gone about it a different way? “yes!” However they all are at fault for not putting Sam in his place in the very beginning and letting him know that no one comes before blood, “period.” Egypt and Sam’s relationship reeks of “Bobby Kristina and Nick Gordon.” And we all see how that turned out. I just pray that Treach is able to be the voice of reason to all these “emotionally filled, messy women.”

      • Robert

        July 23, 2021 at 10:35 pm

        Lele, thank you for your response.

        Well I respectfully disagree with you on some things.

        Tee Tee did ruin the relationship imo … her constant beatdown on Sam is the only reason she and Egypt eventually went their separate ways because some of the things she did were simply unforgivable and she hurt Egypt so badly so many times …. so many times.

        And Egypt is extremely happy being with Sam so what was this epic emergency that Tee Tee was trying to save her from? I mean if they’re such a terrible match then they wouldn’t still be in love with each other and looking forward to marriage one day.

        Furthermore Tee Tee teamed up with none other than Briana to throw gasoline on an already incendiary situation thanks to Tee Tee’s previous efforts. And at least when she co-opted Tyran you knew Tyran was coming from a good place who genuinely loves Egypt … the same can’t be said for Briana who loves to bully people.

        And switching gears, I’d a lost my mind if someone kidnapped me on the most important date and causing me to go into a total panic for 30 long minutes because I can’t reach my loved one to tell them I blew the whole thing and didn’t get there in time for one of the biggest events of my lifetime so now we’re both freaking out like crazy because fricken Tee Tee? Are you kidding me? And one of us still has to perform in front of a live audience and TV cameras after all the totally fabricated sress and chaos?! No way! And all the sniping and condescending comments from Tee Tee for two long years and then Briana making everything even worse?

        Tee Tee can be a real self absorbed jerk some times. She thinks she’s all la-dee-dah and smarter and more sophisticated than everyone else but I’m not impressed with her one bit and I’m convinced she singlehandedly destroyed that relationship with Egypt while she sits around pointing fingers and pontificating about the shortcomings of everyone else.

        Egypt is a sweet and groovy chick and she took the high road until she couldn’t take it anymore. Wasn’t Tee Tee’s place to make it her goal in life to ruin the relationship between Sam and Egypt and teaming up with Briana was a terrible choice if she really cared about Egypt.

        If you look up constructive criticism in the dictionary I’m almost certain it doesn’t mention or condone kidnapping.

        And while I give Maureen credit for wanting them to bury the hatchet, she’s completely oblivious to who’s really the victim here. Hasn’t she had time to watch last season before last night’s episode was taped? I don’t know but she’s not helping by completely dismissing Egypt’s trampled feelings … this much I’m sure of.

        Finally, I stand by my previous statement …. the sooner Tee Tee and Maureen apologize (profusely) to Egypt for all the times Tee Tee stabbed Egypt in the back (regardless of her motives) the sooner that family can begin to heal. I just don’t know that Tee Tee has enough empathy and character to repair the relationship she sabotaged at every turn for two years to “save” Egypt from the love of her life. And blood means nothing to me if all they do is bring me down. I’d choose my wife or husband over a very destructive relationship with a self absorbed catty cousin every single time and especially with condescending mean girl Tee Tee whose beauty pretty much only runs skin deep and while that may be good enough for Easy E (lol) I’m not having it and clearly Egypt isn’t either and I’m proud of Pep for standing behind Egypt AND Sam … Pep is prolly the only reason Egypt got through the last two years without being permanently broken.

        Sam ain’t perfect, he has no money, no pedigree, no ivory tower, no yellow brick road, no impressive resume to speak of …. you might even say he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and at least on paper Egypt could do so much better and on paper I agree Egypt could do way, way, way better.

        But two or three years in now …. it’s time for all the do-gooders and haters alike to finally admit it was wrong to try and sabotage that relationship at any cost because the costs have proven to be quite significant long after the hysteria and alarm bells about Sam dating Egypt have gradually waned into the dustbin of history while only the emotions that were flagrantly rubbed raw by Tee Tee and company are still left fully exposed and semi-vulnerable because Miss Tee Tee still hasn’t summoned the wisdom, vision and character to do the right thing and admittedly she might just not have it in her …. she’s no paradigm of grace and empathy, that’s for sure.

  2. Guest

    July 23, 2021 at 11:17 am

    What was up with Sakoya? She seemed pressed to be in a disagreement. Why is she coming for the Simmons? ??‍♀️ Girl, if you want beef take it up with your baby daddy. Don’t be mad at Angela bc he left you to date her. She might not have even known you were in the picture. And even if she did, that was his choice to move around. Finally, Taniece was complimenting your mother, not shading you. It’s so obnoxious when someone is looking for the bad instead of the good in any situation. Relax girl. Smh ??‍♀️ Those type of people are very hard to be around bc you have to walk on eggshells or they’re ready to go off over nothing. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    • Queen

      July 23, 2021 at 2:06 pm

      Yeah Sakoya wants an issue with Angela when there isn’t one.

  3. Natalie Harris

    July 23, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    That Sakoya need not to be on the show. I’m not digging her stank attitude especially with Tanice. Tanice was not throwing shade when she asked who was who ?. Daniel is ‘old work’ so why have any questions about his dating life? As long as he is taking care of his child the rest should be irrelevant
    Treach is fake! Doesn’t know Shawn but going to speak on a meeting he should’ve attended maybe since he’s so concerned about his daughter being ganged up on.
    He needs to worry about that demon his daughter is with. Sam looks just this side of sacrificing Egypt and drinking her blood to me. I’m dead serious!
    Honestly family needs to stay out of this and let Tee Tee and Egypt speak on their issues. Don’t bring up anybody else.

  4. Lil 'Ol Me

    July 24, 2021 at 1:07 am

    How is Treach mad about Shawn being at a family meeting when Sam actually “Called a family meeting” and let it know he was running the meeting? That was around the time when he was saying Tee Tee was hitting on him and Pepa was stupid enough to believe it outright just to placate her daughter. That was the beginning of the end. To know family threw you aside easily for someone they just met so I know that hurt Tee Tee and it just goes downhill from there. And they use the words of someone who’s own son isn’t dealing with just to have something negative to repeat. It’s all sad. And this Sakoya chick is just trying to find a place on the show since she’s 1/2 of Jodeci’s daughter. No thank you. Next!

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