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LAMH Recap: Destiny and Melody Clash + LaTisha Blindsides Marsau

LAMH Season 3 Episode 5

Photo Credit: OWN

Kimmi stands strong and bonds with Kiwuha.

The episode begins with a very irritated Kimmi by herself. Kimmi says this is “par for the course” with Maurice leaving the restaurant before Kiwuha and Xavier arrive. Things get off to an awkward start in Kimmi’s eyes as they start talking about Monster. Xavier’s eager about getting involved with Monster and his training for football season.

Next, Kiwuha and Kimmi agree that they all need to sit down with Monster to talk about the vaping incident after Kimmi tells her about Tiffany revealing the situation to others at Destiny’s brunch.

Meanwhile, Destiny and LaTisha are at an auto dealership. While out, Destiny reveals to LaTisha that she’s divorced. This leads LaTisha to tell Destiny about a woman trying to flirt with Marsau while at their wine event. Melody calls Destiny and LaTisha to invite them to an event at her home. Tiffany will be invited which irritates Destiny. Destiny doesn’t like the friends Melody is bringing around and wants to talk to Mel about this.

LaTisha blindsides Marsau with a visit to Dr. Francis.

The next day, LaTisha meets with Marsau at Dr. Francis’ office. Apparently, LaTisha didn’t reveal they were meeting for therapy. LaTisha says she’s feeling drained and is stressed. The conversation gets contentious as Marsau brings up that this stress is fueling their lifestyle and spending. Dr. Francis interjects after LaTisha’s quality time is going out and spending money and does his best to get Marsau to understand that LaTisha really wants him to spend more time with her and the family despite how Marsau feels about LaTisha’s spending.

When Marsau sets a calendar event for a date night, Dr. Francis tells Marsau that he wouldn’t need to set an appointment time if it was important to him. After they leave, the couple argues in the parking lot over whether or not to return to Dr. Francis.

Maurice sits down with Monster.

Meanwhile, Monster’s with his parents Kiwuha and Maurice at a space museum. Maurice uses the time to talk to Monster about the vaping incident at school. It then leads to a conversation about s*x. Monster says he does think about it but doesn’t want to do it until he’s 24 and hopefully married. This makes his parents happy.

Louis tells Tiffany she was wrong to dish tea.

Meanwhile, Tiffany’s getting ready to leave for Melody’s get-together. Tiffany tells her husband Louis about what she told Destiny and the ladies at Destiny’s birthday event. Louis lets her know that talking about meeting La’Berrick with his alleged mistress was not the best thing to bring up at the time. But Tiffany says in her interview she’s just a blunt person.

Destiny and Melody clash.

Eventually, it’s time for the event and LaTisha arrives first. Melody wanted to use the time to continue to rebuild her friendship with LaTisha. LaTisha tells Mel about the trip to Dr. Francis first and then her conversation with Destiny. That conversation between Destiny and LaTisha irritates Melody. Melody thought she and Destiny were closer and felt Destiny should’ve come to her about her grievances with Tiffany, not LaTisha.

Next, Tiffany arrives and greets Melody and LaTisha. LaTisha also knows Tiffany from their time at the Chamber of Commerce. Kimmi arrives next with Destiny arriving last. Destiny’s locked out and has to call Melody to let her in. This is an apparent sign of tension between the two. This tension leads to Melody bringing up what happened at the brunch.

The episode ends with Destiny saying the tea Tiffany spilled is cold and shutting down Melody’s attempts to talk about the grievances with her in front of the group.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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