Tamar Braxton Reveals Where She Stands with Traci Braxton Now

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Tamar Braxton issued a public apology to Traci Braxton.

Tamar Braxton believed she needed to walk away from “Braxton Family Values” for her mental health and a true shot at repairing her relationships with her family. At the time, she was having a lot of issues with Traci Braxton. Both women were hurt by the other. And some wondered if the sisters would be able to move past their issues if cameras weren’t a part of the equation.

Well, it looks like things are in a much better place.

Hours ago, Tamar gave fans an update on her and Traci’s relationship. She apologized for penning a tweet that she believes may have caused their relationship to start falling apart.

Tamar wrote, “Random Appreciation post to my beautiful, funny, amazing sister therealtracibraxton …I regret this time the most. I was spoiled and stupid. Selfish, self-righteous, and overly sensitive. And I made you feel like sh*t with this irrational non-deserving post. ?  ?  I think this is when our relationship took a turn for the worst … but look at God. We are closer than ever. Probably because WE disinvited the devil in our homes. The truth is she (YOU) are talented and you make bops just like the rest of us in your own style and in your own way. And it’s is GREAT music✨.”

She continued, “I still jam to #lastcall ?  ? ☝? you are enough and you are for sure not a #wannabe ( Fck them people for saying that.. it’s not and wasn’t ok) you are EVERYTHING.. my BIG sister… and I love you with my entire heart. Keep being you!! It’s everything I need ❤️  ✨  love u Traci, Traci✨ ?? ❤️ ”

Check out the post below.

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