Robyn Dixon Responds After RHOP Fans Accuse Her of Being Gizelle Bryant’s Puppet

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Robyn Dixon doesn’t think she’s Gizelle Bryant’s puppet.

It’s pretty clear by now that Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant are the best of friends. And while some “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans appreciate their friendship, others have been critical. After the recent episode, they think that Robyn gets way too involved in Gizelle’s issues with the other women on the show. So they have accused Robyn of being a puppet. They also don’t feel Robyn calls out Gizelle enough.

Robyn was asked about this during an interview with the Jasmine Brand. She doesn’t understand why anyone would think she’s Gizelle’s puppet.

She said, “I mean it’s weird. Like I said, what kind of friends do you have?” Robyn continues, “I don’t even know what that means. How am I her puppet just by defending her? Or if someone else is coming at her wrong, why can’t I point that out to that person? Like, ‘Nah, you know you’re actually, you’re coming a little sideways.'”

Robyn then brought up a time when she called Gizelle out in the past, “I don’t understand it, so…And it’s very weird because people conveniently forget the times when they have seen me call her out on stuff. Season 2, I was so upset with her for how she treated Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan]. I think it was the first episode and I called her out. I was so upset with her.”

She also brought up the time she confronted Gizelle at her housewarming event, “At my housewarming party, I was upset with her. I called her out on it. So it’s so weird it’s like people forget those times and they just focus on the times when I’m defending my friend. It’s very strange.”

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