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LAMH: Maurice Confronts Tiffany + Melody Calls out Wanda’s Hypocrisy

LAMH Season 3 Episode 6

Photo Credit: OWN

Destiny calls out Tiffany and Melody.

The episode begins with Destiny confronting Tiffany and responding to Melody’s questioning. Meanwhile, Tiffany apologizes for bringing up the tea about La’Berrick.

Next, Melody and the ladies have a game of ”I have never/Guilty.” The game was very revealing as the ladies discussed their bedroom activities. Melody revealed towards the end of her marriage she fulfilled Martell’s request of going down on him more. However, it didn’t stop his cheating according to Melody. Meanwhile, Kimmi revealed Maurice requested a 3some before they got married but backed away when Kimmi said she’d do it if another guy was involved. But things remained tense between Destiny and Melody and she ends up leaving.

LaTisha brings up another cheating rumor.

The next day, LaTisha heads to Scott Manor to view the project. The road up to their home isn’t paved and it doesn’t appear their Uncle Mike has done much since the last time he talked to LaTisha and Marsau. LaTisha meets with Marsau. After talking about the house, LaTisha brings up how Melody said she was DM’d and sent pictures of Marsau allegedly flirting with a woman while in Houston. Neither of them is surprised as they’ve dealt with rumors of Marsau cheating for a while now. Lastly, LaTisha brings up going back to see Dr. Francis and Marsau’s adamant about not going.

Destiny and Melody hash things out.

Meanwhile, Destiny invited Melody over for their anticipated one-on-one talk. Melody arrived with a gift. Destiny begins their talk expressing her displeasure with Tiffany spilling the tea. But things get tense between the two as Destiny explains how she felt disrespected by Melody at Mel’s Taco Tuesday party. Melody openly disputes this and things seemingly get testy. However, the two were able to seemingly squash it all as they share Melody’s gift; a watermelon.

The next day, the Scotts get together to celebrate their boys MJ and Monster moving on to high school. As Marsau and Maurice come together with their wives and their brother Micah, Wanda shows up. To celebrate, the Scotts got a party bus for a good time.

Maurice confronts Tiffany regarding Monster.

After they send the boys off, the adults go inside Blaque for a celebration of their own. Destiny, Melody, Tiffany and Louis show up. When Maurice sees Louis and Tiffany, he decides to pull them aside to talk about Tiffany’s tea concerning Monster.

Later on, Martell walks in and tries to hug Melody. She brushes him off.

When Maurice and Kimmi pull Louis and Tiffany aside, he brings up the vaping incident and tells them it wasn’t right for Tiffany to bring this up. Louis speaks up for Tiffany and as he talks, Kiwuha walks over, joining the conversation. In her interview, Tiffany says she feels wrong for possibly causing Monster to feel embarrassment and shame.

Wanda stirs the pot.

As this talk goes on, Miss Wanda gets messy regarding Martell and Melody. When Wanda tries to stir the pot once again, Melody walks away and joins Maurice’s sit down. As Tiffany begins to cry, Melody says Tiffany didn’t mean any harm. She pulls Tiffany aside, Melody tells her the biggest deal was that Kimmi didn’t know.

Later on, Cedarric joins the celebration just in time for the guys to head off and hang out on the patio. But before Martell can join them, Miss Wanda approaches him and Melody for another messy moment. Wanda brings up Martell’s infidelity, calling his former mistress “Coleslaw.” She then tells Melody that all men will cheat and she needs to take Martell back as no one will accept her after having four kids. In his interview, Martell says Wanda was speaking facts. 

Eventually, Martell makes it to the patio for their smoke. Inside, Melody’s still getting an earful from Wanda. Melody ends up walking away, laughing Wanda’s message off. Martell also admits to still loving Melody in his green screen interview.

Somehow, Wanda and Melody continue talking and Melody brings up how Wanda was on social media commenting on Martell’s former mistress’ social media posts. And she thinks it’s phony for Wanda to encourage her to reconcile with Martell when she’s on Instagram telling Martell’s former mistress that she’s beautiful.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. Get Busy

    August 22, 2021 at 8:00 am

    Wanda does way too much for the cameras. Is the check worth it?

  2. La Shay

    August 22, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    Tonight’s episode is part 1 of 2. It was so juicy! I just cant wait to give commentary. First, Destiny/Mel. I actually like the fact of Destiny speaking up for herself. She’s alot like Kimmie, no nonsense, and she stands by her convictions. Mel, was a bit surprised when Destiny told her she felt disrespected. Sometimes, you have to put people in their place. Mel does LIKE having the last word? Now, Maurice & Tiffany scene. Whew! If ever a person needed to be put in their place, Maurice DID THAT!! Tiffany was completely dead WRONG! I really dont believe she’s 100% sorry for what she said. JMO…Moving on to Wanda stirring the pot. My goodness! That woman is BOLD. Just to much, she really meant what she told Mel about no other man wanting her with 4 kids. Smh! Of course, Martell was in agreement. He said, “I will always love Melody, always love that girl.” W/out any hesitation at all. Also, he said they do LOVE each other & are better together.” Notice, when asked about “side chick & baby” he DID NOT WANT to discuss it. LOL! He’s not going to say/do anything to make the side chick mad. He most definitely isn’t going to say/do anything to make his ex-wife mad because he STILL has hope to get her back one day. Did yall see how he GRABBED Melody when they were at the restaurant? He didn’t want to let go! Hahaha???

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