Sky Responds to Drop in ‘Black Ink Crew’ Ratings + Accuses Teddy of Mistreating Black Women

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“Black Ink Crew” isn’t in Sky’s future.

Sky was easily one of the most controversial stars on “Black Ink Crew.” Fans had a lot to say during the ups and downs of her relationships with sons Genesis and Des. In fact, they called Sky out on social media after she was suspended for an altercation she had with Des. She eventually decided to leave the show. And since then, she’s been in a much better place in her life.

But she did have some things to say about the show on Instagram Live. “So Black Ink Crew, I feel like I’ve learned, I’m never gonna go back to work there and I’m never gonna go back to work at Macy’s. It’s all about an upwards, uphill battle for me from here.” She continued, “The f*cking ratings are through the f*cking basement. And I’m never gonna take credit for that but it is what it is. The ratings are terrible and they bad.”

Sky said she wished she was getting therapy while she was on the show, “Like talking about my sons, I never had therapy and stuff like that. I wish I would have had some type of therapy. Or some type of way to cope dealing with meeting my sons for the very first time. First, second, third time…when it deals with adoption. It was so just about you. And that’s why Big Fish Entertainment doesn’t work with Viacom and VH1 anymore.” She added, “Still in the same breath, the VH1 and Viacom people that they have running the show of Black Ink are still turning it down because the show sucks. And Cease, I’m not coming at you personally, you know?”

Sky also called out Teddy.

She had a little to say about the cast, “Teddy ain’t do sh*t. Ceaser do everything. And Donna doing the same sh*t. Tati don’t got a neck. The Asian lies. God bless.” But she had much more to say about Teddy, “I saw something about Teddy not loving black women the way he loves his Asian woman. It’s true. If you exude love, you’ve never exuded love to me except selling your sneakers to pick me up from jail. And that was all a figment of television. What real sh*t have you done for a woman, let’s really be honest, a black woman?” She added, “You selling your sneakers for TV. They bail me out while I was in Atlanta. That was fake. You know, that was TV. Produced. What have you done for a black queen besides trying to embarrass her? You fat f*ck. Ceaser always tries to do something. He’s a Gemini. I just respect him different.”

When it comes to Ceaser, Sky thinks he’s misunderstood, “People don’t understand him. They just think he be disrespecting women. It’s not that. He’s just gonna say how he feels. F*ck it.”

She also said she quit the show because it wasn’t fun anymore. And she would drink alcohol to cope with filming scenes she wasn’t comfortable with.

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